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Headshot of Lyndon B. Johnson

Lyndon B. Johnson

(August 27, 1908 – January 22, 1973)

Lyndon B. Johnson was a US representative [D-Texas] from April 1937 to January 1949; a US senator [D-Texas] from January 1949 to January 1961; Senate Majority Whip from January 1951 to January 1953; Senate Minority Leader from January 1953 to January 1955; Senate Majority Leader from January 1955 to January 1961; vice president of the United States from January 1961 to November 1963, and president of the United States from November 1963 to January 1969.

Members of the Warren Commission hand LBJ the report

“I Would Be Honored to Do It”

  November 29, 1963
LBJ greets Jackie Kennedy at the funeral of President John Kennedy

“You Give Me Strength”

  December 2, 1963
Tom Mann and President Johnson talk to each other at desk

"We've Been Talking Enough"

  December 9, 1963
LBJ sitting and talking to Walter Heller

“He’s for Grandma”

  December 14, 1963
Protestors in Panama

“Hot as a Firecracker”

  January 10, 1964
President Lyndon Johnson talks with Senator Richard Russell outside the White House

“It’s Poison”

  January 15, 1964
Roy Wilkins and President Lyndon Johnson lean toward each other talking

“Find Some of the Top People”

  January 16, 1964
President Lyndon B. Johnson with Senate Democratic Leadership and Democratic Members of Senate Finance Committee

“Can’t You Help Me”

  January 23, 1964
LBJ and Hubert Humphrey sitting in chairs outside

“This Is What We Stand For”

  January 28, 1964
LBJ with the president of South Vietnam, Ngô Đinh Diệm

“That Wasn’t Smart at All”

  February 1, 1964
President Johnson giving the "Johnson treatment" (leaning in close) to Sargent Shriver

“You’re Mr. Poverty”

  February 1, 1964
US Navy's base at Guantánamo

“I Think It’s Dynamite”

  February 6, 1964
President Lyndon Johnson talks with Katharine M. “Kay” Graham of the Washington Post

“Before It Goes to Hell”

  February 19, 1964
Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson

“A Good B-Plus”

  March 7, 1964
Alaska after being struck by an earthquake in 1964

“It Is a Major Disaster”

  March 28, 1964
LBJ and McNamara with their heads in their hands looking tired

“It’s a Mess”

  May 27, 1964
Burned out car in Mississippi countryside

“We Found the Car”

  June 23, 1964
Edward Kennedy and LBJ sitting together in the Oval Office

“You Got Lots of Guts”

  June 30, 1964
LBJ looking concerned

“I Do Not Believe I Can”

  August 25, 1964
Walter W. Heller wearing glasses, Kermit Gordon has hand to chin, Luther Hodges looking at them both, all seated in blk chairs with papers in hand.

“A Better Way to Do It”

  October 27, 1964
McGeorge Bundy with 3 clocks in background 9:00 Washington, 1:00 GMT, 9:00 Presidential.

"We Have Time to Get Organized”

  November 3, 1964
President Lyndon Johnson holding his face

“I’m Aching All Over”

  November 3, 1964
Sec. Clark Clifford (left) seated at table, speaking and gesturing as President Lyndon B. Johnson listens

“A Passion for Anonymity”

  November 4, 1964
Presidents Harry S. Truman and Lyndon Johnson stand together

“I’m Just So Honored”

  November 4, 1964
Robert Kennedy and LBJ waving to crowd

“He’d Have Been Beat”

  November 4, 1964
Robert Kennedy raises his arm with President Lyndon Johnson at a campaign event

Better Days

  November 5, 1964
LBJ signing Medicare and Medicaid Act

Dr. Spock on Medicare Politics

  November 6, 1964
LBJ with Carl Albert

“We Can Pass Medicare”

  November 9, 1964
Police officers standing in doorway

“A Model of Law Enforcement”

  November 18, 1964
Belgian troops stepping off a plane in 1964

“OK, Go Ahead”

  November 21, 1964
McGeorge Bundy sitting on couch next to framed photo of Lady Bird Johnson

“It’ll Hurt Us”

  November 23, 1964
African American and white supporters of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party holding signs in front of the convention hall at the 1964 Democratic National Convention, Atlantic City, New Jersey

“A Right to Vote”

  January 15, 1965
Larry O'Brien, LBJ, and Lady Bird at at the Beautification Stamp unveiling

“They Want Beauty”

  February 5, 1965
Law enforcement agents inspect the crime scene surrounding Viola Liuzzo's car.

“We Know Who They Are”

  March 26, 1965
President Lyndon B. Johnson speaks with various judges and their wives

“All These Harvard Men”

  April 7, 1965
US troops in Vietnam

“Where Do You Stop”

  June 8, 1965
LBJ talking to John McCormack

“Unite Their Families”

  July 23, 1965
LBJ and MLK sit together during a meeting in the Oval Office

LBJ, King, and the Watts Revolt

  August 20, 1965
Congressman Mendel Rivers and President Lyndon B. Johnson sit talking to each other

“He Ought to Be Removed”

  August 23, 1965
aerial photo of flooded Louisiana from Hurricane Betsy

“We Need Your Help”

  September 10, 1965
Vice President Hubert Humphrey talking to President Lyndon Johnson

“He’s a Fool”

  December 27, 1965
President Johnson sitting next to Ngô Đinh Diệm

“The Architect of Surrender”

  February 1, 1966
LBJ leaning in to talk to Secretary of Agriculture Orville L. Freeman

No “One-Way Deal”

  February 2, 1966
Candid portrait of General William Westmoreland, speaking and gesturing

“He Is a Master Strategist”

  February 21, 1966
Cartha D. "Deke" DeLoach, Mr. Eldon James, and President Lyndon B. Johnson sit in Oval Office

“That Scares Me”

  March 14, 1966
LBJ standing very close to Richard Russell

“A Wasteful Thing”

  June 2, 1966
Nick Katzenbach and LBJ sitting and talking

“It’s Just So Unfair”

  December 5, 1966
Gerald Ford and LBJ

“It’s for the Economy”

  February 7, 1967
Police and protestors have a stand off in Chicago during the 1968 Democratic National Convention

The Chicago Seven

  September 7, 1968
LBJ and Dirksen sitting and talking

“This Is Treason”

  November 2, 1968
LBJ speaking at the 1968 Democratic convention

“We’ve Been in Tears”

  November 6, 1968
Honolulu Conference on the Vietnam War

“You Go to That Conference“

  November 8, 1968
LBJ pointing to something in the Oval Office with Richard Nixon

“There’s No Arrangement“

  November 14, 1968
The Johnsons and the Trumans

“We’re Just So Fond of You”

  December 25, 1968