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Use one or more filters (Subject, Conversation Date, Speaker Name) to narrow down which conversations are displayed here.

Each of the three filters provided here allows you to define a subset of the overall collection that you would like to see. The filters are not case sensitive. This means that a query for Lyndon B. Johnson gives the same results as searching for lyndon b. johnson does. Each filter follows certain behavior and expects your query to adhere to certain formats. The three sections below outline these behaviors and expectations.


Use this filter to narrow down conversations to a particular topic. The nine subjects used on this site were identified by subject experts at UVA's Miller Center and the LBJ Library. These subjects span the major themes of the Johnson presidency. Each conversation on has been assigned by experts to one or more of these subject areas.

N.B. You may select multiple subjects in this filter.

Conversation Date

This filter allows you to limit your attention to conversations that took place within a given window of time. To use this filter effectively, please enter dates in YYYY-MM-DD format. e.g. November 1, 1965 should be written as 1965-11-01.

This field's drop-down menu changes the type of search, allowing you to choose among: is between, is less than (i.e. is prior to), and is greater than (i.e. is after).

To limit your search to a particular year, use the is between operator. For instance, is between: 1965-01-01 and 1965-12-31 will retrieve all conversations from 1965.

Speaker Name

Use this filter to limit your search to conversations in which certain people are speaking. The filter operates on the text of each speaker's full name.

The contains operator is the most flexible of the three available. Searching for contains: david will retrieve all conversations in which any person with the first or last name David appears. contains: john will retrieve conversations from any person with the first name John, the last name Johnson, Johnston, Johnstone, etc.

The is equal to filter can help if contains returns too many results. Cutting and pasting a person's name from their detail page elsewhere on this site can be a good way to assure that you get the right is equal to match.

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